Friday, June 3, 2011

Magenta and camera problems

I guess I'm a little late, but I finally got my Wet n Wild Bucket from CVS. I'm sure you all know about it already, it has 7 nail polishes, white nail paint and decals and a nail file for $9.99.

Anyway I did a manicure using "How I met your Magenta". Unfortunately it is coming across more pink then magenta. My camera is not the best.

As a matter of fact I am very "pissed" at my camera right now. I was deleting some pictures and all of a sudden a message came up saying "Delete all Files from Memory". It give me a choice of yes or cancel, so I immediately hit cancel.
But it deleted all the pictures from my SD card and my memory anyway. I lost tons of vacation pictures from Key West and Vegas. THAT SUCKS!

Sorry....just had to vent. Have a great week-end ladies. HUGS!

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  1. Hey hunny!! How are you??

    I tagged you on my blog!!

    Send me the link if you do it